US Government Attacks on Jews,
versus the Power of the US "Jewish Lobby"
by Dr Les (Leslie) Sachs

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US Government Attacks on Jews, versus the Power of the US 'Jewish Lobby'

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US Government Attacks on Jews

Anti-semitic attacks by Bush's friends and the US government? - But what about the "powerful US Jewish lobby" backing "total US support for Israel"?

As people read my writings, and learn about the anti-semitic attacks on me by Bush's friends and some old-style Jew-hating US judges, I often get comments or questions along these lines -

"It's hard to believe the anti-semite angle given all the protection the US and Bush are known for giving Israel, and the power of the Jewish lobby in the United States - So how is it possible that you can be the victim of anti-semitic attacks, and be forced to leave the US and take refuge in Europe, when it seems like the Jewish lobby would have jumped in eagerly to protect you?"

Very sadly, it shows the power of propaganda, that this kind of question ends up being asked.

The reality - which Jews themselves know well - is that Jews are often afraid to help Jewish victims of government attacks, because Jews everywhere, even wealthy Jews in the US, tend to be very afraid of the world around them. Today in the US, as in much of history, Jews will cower behind the curtains of one house, when the authorities come to attack and destroy the Jews next door.

Moreover, some Jews will even rob and betray other Jews, as well as abandon them and refuse to help them. Every nation, society or tribe has its quislings, who are ready to betray their fellows. Jews are no different.

People speak of the power of the "Jewish lobby" to denote the political figures maintaining the connections between the US military-industrial complex and the Israeli government. There are indeed Jews who are prominent alongside Bush and other US politicians, there are Jews who work for the US government system, and other Jews who collaborate with it - just as many people of all backgrounds collaborate with the US regime.

But there are also Jews who really take the rebellious Jewish heritage seriously, Jews who dare to speak out, and such Jews can find themselves much hated by the US rulers, exactly because they can be effective voices against the fascism and denial of human rights in the US. Jews can be very powerful if they point out Nazi-like behaviour among the US ruling class. Such people of Jewish heritage, are the kind of Jews that the US would like to see silenced, marginalised, or banned, and if they don't keep quiet, even killed and exterminated.

There are already political Jews being murdered in US jail cells, people of Jewish heritage attacked by the US government (like myself) who can't get help from Jewish lawyers or organisations. And that is all hidden beneath the surface of stories about the "all-powerful Jewish lobby" and "military support for Israel".

Consider the theory of the "powerful Jewish lobby" as showing its strength in the US military backing of the government of Israel. This theory needs to be analysed - and actually, as will be shown below, this theory is rather a kind of reverse mirror of a more complex and more frightening truth.

But even if you take the "powerful Jewish lobby" theory at face value, you can see how the "powerful Jewish organisations" might want to still keep silent about the attack and killing of individual Jewish people, ESPECIALLY when it is the US government attacking a Jew.

Jews might well be afraid to damage that precious "military support for Israel". They may think it necessary to stay quiet about innocent Jews getting attacked or murdered by the US government, as a "necessary sacrifice" for the larger scheme of things.

And the whole prominent program of "US military support for Israel" is the perfect cover story - it actually makes the US an ideal place to attack and kill Jews, because "no one will believe it".

In today's world, as with any other victim, so long as the attack on a Jew is not trumpeted in the mass corporate media, on CNN or the BBC or by the "major" Jewish organisations, an attack on a Jew may well remain nearly anonymous. A Jew today can be murdered in near-silence, like so many other victims in today's tragic world.

I myself have heard from victims, such as family of a political Jew quietly killed in US jail cells. There is no "big media" telling their story, and so their stories remain, like much of the truth today, hidden from most of the world.

The "Jewish lobby" - different from the "Christian lobby", the "Saudi lobby" etc.?

Let's go back and look again at the basic question asked above -

"It's hard to believe the anti-semite angle given all the protection the US and Bush are known for giving Israel, and the power of the Jewish lobby in the United States - So how is it possible that you can be the victim of anti-semitic attacks, and be forced to leave the US and take refuge in Europe, when it seems like the Jewish lobby would have jumped in eagerly to protect you?"

As one reflects on this question, one realises it's actually a bit silly. The assumption behind this inquiry - an assumption that is itself the creation of anti-semitic propaganda - is the mistake of thinking of "the Jews" as some kind of monolithic bloc all together  - the Jews in Israel along with the Jews "running America", etc. Actually, Jews in Israel and in the US are not just very diverse, but extremely divided.

Jews are extremely contentious, and hardly united at all. Many Jews scorn the whole lot of Israeli politicians. Many Jews would like immediate, unrestricted peace negotiations, and quick comprehensive peace agreements, between Israel and the Palestinians and all neighbouring states.

Both around the world and inside Israel itself, there are a significant number of religious Jews who think the state of Israel should not even exist, unless the Messiah himself were to establish it. Despite the drumbeats of an upcoming Iran-Israel military conflict, there are tens of thousands of Jews content to live in Iran, and there are other Jews who travel to Tehran to express their compliments to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

It is important to digest all of this - the real diversity of the Jewish and Israeli peoples, versus the corporate media focus on the US-Israeli government powers.

The knee-jerk thinking, about the monolithic Jewish bloc, is really the end-product of all those anti-semitic stories of "rich Jews always working together and trying to take over the world". But in reality, Israel today has an enormous chunk of its population in poverty, a shameful gap between rich and poor - and there are many poor Jews in the US as well as around the planet.

Here's another way to look at the question we are analysing, about the "power of the Jewish lobby". Imagine the case of a US citizen of white Christian Protestant heritage, who is also a victim of US legal and political corruption, who has been attacked by the US government. Would anyone think of saying to this person:

"I really doubt your story of US legal corruption . . . After all, aren't those judges and lawyers and politicians you criticise, other American white Christians, just like your own heritage? Isn't the US government totally controlled by white Christians - like Bush and most US senators and judges? So how could they be attacking YOU?"

One of the "most powerful lobbies" in Washington is indeed the lobby of well-funded Christians - does that stop the US government from attacking people who take Christian principles seriously?

Has the "powerful Christian lobby" stopped the US government from allowing the attacks upon, and practical extermination of, Christian communities in Iraq? - The "Christian lobby" says very little about these events, and doesn't do much to help these Christian victims - and yet Washington is full of famous Christian preachers with lots of money, who are often at the White House or in Congress speaking directly with US leaders.

Another "powerful lobby" is that of Saudi Arabia, the country that is the very guardian of the central holy places of Islam, a lobby "extremely influential" in Washington, and very close to the Bushes - does that stop the US government from attacking and jailing Muslims without trial and taking all of their rights away, from making war on much of the Islamic world, and from bashing Muslims on a regular basis in US rhetoric?

One of the most powerful people in Washington under Bush, Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales, is from a Mexican family; he has been a friend and adviser to Bush for many years - Does that stop the US government from attacking and bashing Mexicans?

One of the most powerful people in the entire world is President Bush's Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, a black woman - Does that stop the US regime from destroying black communities and jailing more black people than any other nation in the world?

President Bush's friend Patricia Cornwell is a multi-millionaire lesbian who brings her lesbian girlfriends to party at President Bush's Kennebunkport estate, while giving Bush and various senators millions of dollars in gifts and campaign money. US Vice President Cheney's daughter is lesbian, and President Bush has often had a gay prostitute at the White House (Jeff Gannon - James Guckert), with Bush himself commonly thought to be a bi-sexual - Does that all stop the US government, or even the Bush crowd, from attacking and bashing gay people as part of their political programme?

So despite the "Jewish lobby" associated with the US defence industry and politicians, why is it somehow "surprising" that US officials would also attack Jews, as they also attack all of the above categories of people, too - while every one of them also has "powerful representatives" close to President Bush and the other US rulers?

The "Jewish lobby" - The tail and the dog, but WHO is REALLY wagging WHO?

Yes, the US corporate military-industrial complex has had a long-term intertwining with the government of Israel - and part of the mechanism of that relationship, are the people who comprise what is described as the "Jewish lobby". Money goes to US politicians, who then loudly proclaim their "total support" for the state of Israel - which actually means military and political support for the GOVERNMENT of Israel.

Let's analyse this a bit further.

Very pointedly, US "support for Israel" is NOT a promise to protect all the Jews. Not the Jews in Israel, not the Jews in the US, nor anywhere else.

The US has a government budget of about 2.9 trillion US dollars, a total economy of about 12.4 trillion US dollars. The rich corporations whose revenues dominate within those figures, can (and do) buy anything they want in the US government.

It is quite impossible for the state of Israel and its supporters - or indeed all the Jews in the world put together - to out-spend the US corporations that purchase and own US politicians and judges. The US corporations get what they want, period. Outsiders only get to bribe and play if they have permission from the US corporate owners.

Furthermore, regarding Israel: Most non-Jews have very little idea of the enormous conflicts and divisions within Israeli society, and how most Jews in Israel view their own government and leaders as corrupt. This doesn't just refer to the current crop of Israeli leaders - about three-quarters of Israelis think their entire group of political leaders, from all the major parties, are corrupt.

Israel has elections, but Israelis have come to feel that the politicians of all major parties are dishonest, or will become dishonest as they get into power. It is a common matter of Israeli conversation and despair. And some Israelis are increasingly feeling that they are being manipulated by their own political leaders who purposefully foster a climate of war and terror and are sabotaging the chances for peace.

If you don't believe me, I invite you to take a couple of weeks and read some of the daily press and commentary from Israel, some of which is available online and in English, such as the very accessible Haaretz website. After a few days you will have a better picture of what Israelis think of their rulers. (It is actually pretty refreshing reading, in that the Israeli press comes off as much more direct and confrontational, than the American press that is so servile to the US government.)

Now think about this - If the Israeli government is corrupt, who would be corrupting it? Who has the most money in the world, for the purpose of corrupting the Israeli government?

You're starting to get the idea. Just consider the possibility that the Israeli politicians might be selling themselves to the Americans. Consider how the US spends trillions of dollars on defence and weapons systems, an extremely profitable business. The US needs war and conflict, however, to justify spending that money, while tens of millions of Americans go without medical care and other necessities of life.

The US blocks peace in the Middle East, because the US government thinks war and instability are good for profit and US dominance. The US may well be buying and manipulating the Israeli government as one of their tools - it would only be logical and profitable to do so, in order to create conflict that is desired by US leaders.

If the US politicians are loudly proclaiming support for the Israeli GOVERNMENT - and the Israeli government, despised by the Israeli people, is on the US payroll - all that the US politicians are really doing, is proclaiming support for themselves and their hirelings, and for the US military and defence establishment. "Support for Israel" is merely temporary support for whatever is the current sales programme to maximise the profits of the US corporations and armaments companies, nothing more.

The story of the "power of the Jewish lobby" is really a clever deception, which feeds the ego of a few Jewish figures while serving US corporate interests. The US rulers allow this story as part of the set-up, so the corporations can later "blame the Jews" for problems. The US corporations have intentionally created this illusion of "powerful Jews" - they have encouraged this story, and propped up a few "Jewish spokesmen" and "influential Jews", only because it is temporarily in their interests to do so.

The pat theory of the "Jewish lobby" is that "the tail is wagging the dog" - with Israel as the tail and the big rich US as the dog. But this doesn't make sense; the big rich dog wouldn't allow this, unless it wanted some wagging to take place.

The owners of US corporations are at the apex of their history of control in America, and they do not give up that control lightly. The only reason there seems to be a "powerful Jewish lobby" is that the US corporations find that a convenient story to tell - a story that can be used to shift blame at a later date. When policies have clearly failed and it's time for a change, the Jews can be blamed instead of the ruling US corporations.

The fear of the truth; and the great danger to Jews inside the US

Just like with Americans having a hard time waking up to the full truth about the US going fascist and losing its freedoms - Jews are also having a hard time waking up to the horrifying truth about their situation, in both Israel and the US.

And the situation is one of grave danger for all Jews, and for Israel and its neighbours, as Israel is pushed into more wars by the US master. Increasingly, Israelis are realising that they and the Palestinians are equally pawns in the most wicked of all imperial games.

An interesting point, which most of the world doesn't know, is that there is NO TREATY of defence or other support for Israel by the US government. It is all seat-of-the-pants, day-by-day stuff. The US can pull the plug on Israel tomorrow. And actually, it likely WILL pull the plug on Israel before too long.

An upcoming attack on Iran - the US and Israel acting together, or Israel doing the "dirty work" at US bidding - may very well be the "last rodeo" of the US-Israel military partnership. This partnership has run a long time, for several decades - but as many Jews now can see, the end may not be far away.

Many Jews are already terribly in fear - the US is visibly getting ready to "blame the Jews" for its foreign policy failings and disasters of the past decade. The US politicians will likely end up very effectively "blaming the Jews" for the whole catastrophe of the Iraq war and the consequent bankruptcy of the US treasury.

You can see this from the way that the US corporate media is beginning to pump out much more prominent stories about the "power of the Jewish lobby". Major US political leaders, like former President Jimmy Carter - long tied to the US corporations via the Trilateral Commission and other means - are beginning to come out with much more direct and blunt attacks on Israel, the "Jewish lobby" and Israeli policies.

These are not random, unconnected events; things like this in the US corporate media, reflect the policies of the corporations who OWN the media - and these are the same corporations who control the US government itself. It's always good to beware of any story being "pushed" by major US political figures or corporate media.

Jews can, at least subconsciously, feel what is happening. This is part of why Jews are afraid to help other Jews attacked by the US government. They do not want to be next in line for being victimised.

The US runs on racism and bigotry as the active operational technique of the maintenance of government power, always trying to make its core of working white people hate some other group - the blacks, the Mexicans, the Muslims, the gays, the secularists, and very soon, the Jews. Racism and bigotry are the classic techniques for distracting people from the real enemy, in this case the owners of the corporations who control nearly all major aspects of US society.

These schemes of bigotry work very well, and can be repeated endlessly, just changing the colour of the target every now and then.

The propaganda of anti-semitism, is perhaps the most ancient and deeply-rooted of all the kinds of bigotry. Somewhat amazingly, even people who are themselves victims of the US government system, are still so influenced by such propaganda, that even some of these victims find it hard to accept that the US government would attack and threaten to kill someone of Jewish heritage.

This underscores the great danger for Jews, in the months ahead when the US rulers finally decide it has become the moment, to make Jews the next new target of hatred for the American public.

It is also a new opportunity for peace in the Middle East and in the world, as Jews realise that they too are yet another class of victims of the US ruling powers.

So with the anti-semitic attacks and the threats to kill me that I suffered inside the US, with Bush's friends making a quite specific focus on my Jewish heritage, that was likely just some early target practice for a bigger campaign against US Jews in the years ahead. Jews are, in the end, like all other people - another target of malice from an extremist US regime.

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