An article that changed the history of
the Supreme Court of the United States -

4th Circuit Appeals Judge J. Harvie Wilkinson III
and His Court Fraud Crimes with Patricia Cornwell

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"US Supreme Court Choice - Judge J. Harvie Wilkinson III, and His Bribery Cover-Up for a Bush Family Friend"

by Dr Les Sachs (Dr Leslie Sachs)

Here just below, is the text of an article that has changed American history, altering the appointment to the office of Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court.

And resulted in acts of brutal and terrorist revenge by the losing Judge Wilkinson, and his fellow judges on the US 4th Circuit.

The main text below - original article starts here - is about corruption of the leading figure on the US 4th Circuit Court of Appeals, Judge J. Harvie Wilkinson III, was originally published on Sunday, 3 July 2005 on the 'Banned in America' blog.

The publication of this article around the globe, took place precisely at the time that US President George W. Bush, was personally interviewing Wilkinson to become Chief Justice.

After this article was circulated around the world and to US government offices, and to the FBI and White House staff maintaining notes on any possible scandals in Wilkinson's candidacy, the decision was made by the Bush White House to drop Wilkinson, and to instead appoint as Chief Justice John G. Roberts, who is, ironically, a Harvard classmate of Dr Sachs as well as of President Bush.

Revenge by Judge Wilkinson and the 4th Circuit Judges in 2007

Judge Harvie Wilkinson took his revenge on Dr Sachs, however. - Two years after the 2005 publication of this article, in the judicial season of 2007, Judge Harvie Wilkinson and the other 4th circuit Appeals judges, authorised the holding of a brand new, Stalin-style, in absentia 'legal proceeding' against Dr Sachs in Europe, with the objective of banning nearly all of Dr Sachs' journalism from the internet, and of spreading smears about him via US media companies who want to get favours from the US judges.

In clear conflict of interest about crimes in which the judges themselves are involved, Wilkinson supervised his junior 4th Circuit Judges Moon and Hudson in the holding of a new illegal and fraudulent 'legal proceeding', in fulfillment of Wilkinson's personal hatred.

The staffs of the judges at the 4th Circuit courthouses, harassed Dr Sachs with terrorist e-mails, ordering him to be silent about the crimes and offences in which the judges themselves are involved, and abusing him with how the deletion of his writings from the internet, would make it easier to carry out his murder.

These corrupt judges issued extensive and multiple 'court orders', with extensive written smears and libels by the judges, falsely declaring that Dr Sachs' journalism constituted 'cyber-stalking' of Bush's financier friend Patricia Cornwell, whose past court fraud crimes with these same judges were detailed in Dr Sachs' 4th Circuit Appeals Court filing of 3 April 2004.

Judge Wilkinson's lower judges under his supervision, began to issue some dozen-plus orders upon Google and the internet search engines, to ban and delete most of Dr Sachs' journalism about US court corruption, and about the corruption of Wilkinson himself.

The judges served multiple orders on Google banning Dr Sachs' websites, and even banned websites that linked to Dr Sachs, while lawyers for Patricia Cornwell began intimidation of those who spoke positively about him.

The 4th Circuit judges invited the US and UK media companies tied to Patricia Cornwell, to spread lies and slander about Dr Sachs around the world, the judges guaranteeing Cornwell and her media partners that any replies by Dr Sachs would be erased and deleted, so that most anything about Dr Sachs on Google, would be smears and slanders against him.

The judges under Wilkinson, set up streamlined procedures with Cornwell's lawyers and the media companies, so any new websites or writings by Dr Sachs could be deleted and erased virtually immediately, from Google and the web search engines, the judges eager to issue orders within minutes to help suppress Dr Sachs' journalism from the internet.

Today, 4th Circuit Judge Wilkinson and his colleagues do not deny, that their ultimate goal in banning Dr Sachs' writing from the internet, is not only to suppress his journalism, but also to see that he is personally murdered, in the political assassination originally threatened by 4th Circuit Judge Robert Payne and his friends, in the original court fraud between Judge Payne and Patricia Cornwell.

Thus, the original of this article and that entire 'Banned in America' blog on Google's Blogspot, were banned, erased from the internet and deleted, by illegal orders of 4th Circuit US judges in 2007, as part of Wilkinson having his junior judges serve orders on Google and the search engines to try and 'erase' most of Dr Sachs' journalism from the internet.

Additional note:

The Los Angeles Times wrote a fascinating article on Bush's weird interview with Wilkinson. The link to that article is now broken, and it seems unavailable in the LA Times archives, perhaps now suppressed at the demand of the US judges, to help cover for the embarrassment of Judge Wilkinson over these events.

Here is the original article of 3 July 2005:

U. S. Supreme Court Choice - Judge J. Harvie Wilkinson III, and His Bribery Cover-Up for a Bush Family Friend

Among the head of the pack for appointment to the new vacancy on the United States Supreme Court is 4th Circuit Appeals Judge J. Harvie Wilkinson III of Charlottesville, Virginia. Judge Wilkinson may be getting promoted to the Supreme Court as the ultimate reward for his ongoing cover-up of bribery, fraud and extortion involving a wealthy personal friend of the George Bush family.

Judge Wilkinson is also sometimes listed in press articles as 'Judge Harvie Wilkerson', and when Virginia lawyers are drinking, he is also sometimes known as 'Judge Harvey Wallbanger'. Yet another nickname for J. Harvie Wilkinson III (the third), based on his conduct, is 'J. Harvie Wilkinson the turd'. Whatever the name, however, Harvie Wilkinson is a judge right out of America's worst cesspool of bribery and judicial corruption, and Wilkinson has played a strong part in stomping upon the old freedoms that used to be part of America.

Part of the problem with Wilkinson is a series of right-wing and extremist court decisions. Wilkinson has supported denying people their civil and human rights, banning freedom of speech and freedom of the press, and destroying the protected role of minority businesses as they tried to function amid Virginia's racist environment. And these are just the less serious drawbacks in Wilkinson's profile.

Wilkinson, a loyalist to the Bush regime, has supported the Bush government in holding people without charges or trial, and denying them the protection of the Geneva Conventions. Wilkinson supported the denial of human rights to America's prisoner Yaser Esam Hamdi, in a manner so extreme that even the current pro-Bush Supreme Court was embarrassed by Wilkinson's yes-Mr-Bush position.

But the worst element of Wilkinson's record, is Wilkinson's outright protection of bribery, corruption, judicial extortion and court fraud, in direct service to a friend of the Bush family who has paid a $1 million bribe to the Bushes on one occasion alone. In this powder keg of a scandal with the Bush family, Wilkinson is the chief protector of his rogue and criminally corrupt underling judge in the 4th Circuit, the gangster District Judge Robert E. Payne of Richmond, Virginia ("Judge Robert Payne is my name, federal bribery is my game", as the saying goes among Virginia lawyers.)

Judge Robert Payne, directly under Wilkinson, may well be the most crooked, racist and provably sleazy judge in the whole United States. He is literally a neo-Nazi judge -- Judge Payne openly admires Adolf Hitler, and expresses his hatred for Jews, blacks and intellectuals, while being very fond of lawyers who pay big bribes or otherwise participate in Payne's criminal projects. There is already enough evidence in the public record to warrant Judge Payne's impeachment and removal from office, and to justify the criminal indictment of Judge Payne's criminal pals.

However, Judge Payne is not just the usual racist crooked judge involved in Virginia bribery, of whom there are many, as even ex-Virginia judges have admitted. Judge Payne is a federal judge who has openly committed major felony crimes in broad daylight, in direct service to a personal friend of the President George Bush family, a friend who gives the Bushes enormous gifts and bribes.

Eventually, Payne will be impeached or forced to resign, but Wilkinson hopes he himself will be safely on his seat at the Supreme Court before things blow fully open about this rogue crooked judge under Wilkinson's protective wing.

Among the judges openly engaged in court fraud, Judge Robert Payne is a specialist in holding fake and fraudulent trials and legal proceedings, where both "sides" of lawyers are working for the government, or for the Bushes and their friends.

One of Payne's earlier fake trials was the trial of innocent French citizen Leonel Cazaco, sentenced to life in prison for a murder to which someone else had already confessed. Although most everyone in the court knew that Cazaco was innocent, Judge Payne held a fake trial where Mr. Cazaco's "public defender" lawyers assisted Judge Payne and the FBI to win a wrongful conviction, all of them hiding from Mr. Cazaco that someone else already confessed to the murder. The conviction of the innocent Cazaco had political objectives, to help some lawyers and politicians build their careers, and cover up for FBI mistakes.

Mr. Cazaco remains in prison more than seven years later, despite clear proof he was innocent, and that the trial that convicted him was a fraud. Despite some intervention from the French government, this Supreme Court candidate Judge J Harvie Wilkinson III and his fellow judges on the 4th Circuit have united to keep the innocent Mr. Cazaco in prison, maintaining a cover-up for Judge Payne and for Payne's fake trial. And this is just one part of Judge Harvie Wilkinson's dirty secret with Payne.

The most blatant fake legal proceeding of Payne and his protector Wilkinson, where the evidence totally nails Judge Payne personally and warrants Payne's immediate impeachment, is Judge Payne's fake trial to benefit George Bush's celebrity friend, the extremist book author Patricia Cornwell. This court fraud scandal is described elsewhere in numerous places on the web, with a good summary in the "Patricia Cornwell Biography: Crime, Bribery, Scandal and Mental Illness", available in numerous places on the web or in newsgroup archives such as Google Groups.

Patricia Cornwell, world-famous author, has been a friend of the Bushes since the early 1980s, meeting them through her hometown neighbour, Bible-thumping preacher Billy Graham. When the first George Bush was President in 1989-1993, the publishing industry started peddling Cornwell's crime novels and made her a multi-millionaire, and Cornwell in turn ploughed money back into the Bushes, the Republican Party and also into buying and bribing cops and FBI agents. Cornwell's connections to the Bushes and the FBI, encouraged her in a long series of crimes and scandals, like stealing the autopsy reports of murdered children and inserting them into her novels. Cornwell openly brags that she can get away with murdering people if she wishes.

A few years back I myself became the personal target of Cornwell's hatred, which led to Cornwell buying a fake legal proceeding from federal Judge Robert Payne. Judge Payne had been himself installed in office by Cornwell's friend, the first President Bush.

I am a writer and journalist who had privately criticized Cornwell, and Cornwell faxed me a neo-Nazi-style extortion letter demanding that I be silent about her, and demanding I begin destroying my books and writings about her. I told Cornwell to go shove it, so Cornwell spent a half million dollars purchasing from Judge Payne an illegal ban on my freedom of speech and freedom of the press, and forcing me to leave the country, under threats of illegal jailing and murder by Judge Payne's friends.

This scheme to ban my freedom of speech was backed by the Penguin Group publishing corporation, which makes tens of millions of dollars in profits from Cornwell's books, and by the Media General - Richmond Times Dispatch corporation, which has close ties to the Bushes, to Patricia Cornwell, and to the Virginia culture of judicial bribery.

The Times-Dispatch planted a fake "interview" with me by a reporter who never met me, and then some days later I was served with some legal papers and got an immediate phone call from Judge Payne, telling me that my freedom of speech was instantly banned because of the Times-Dispatch fake article.

Judge Payne and the Cornwell lawyers then went on to hold a brief and phony legal proceeding, with Judge Payne installing two known criminals, Thomas Roberts and Tim Schulte, to pose as my lawyers, with the hilarious fraud that these lawyers were with a "civil rights First Amendment charity foundation" called the "Freedom Works Foundation". Judge Payne and his friends put this fraud in writing, in court transcripts and even on the internet.

Judge Payne issued orders banning my freedom of speech for the rest of my life, declaring there was "no scandal" involving Cornwell, and ordered the destruction of my small publishing company and my total silence about Cornwell. No lawyer would dare oppose the bribery, no lawyer would help me fight against the ban or the fake trial, no lawyer would fight against the threats to have me jailed, tormented and killed.

After some weeks, they called me on the phone and told me that the fake legal proceeding was coming to a close, and that I was to stay quiet about an "agreement" to have my freedom of speech banned for the rest of my life, to never say anything about Cornwell again and never appeal the judge's orders, plus I was supposed to work to pay $100,000 plus 18 per cent interest to the judge's friends with the fake "civil rights foundation". I was told I would be jailed and killed if I spoke out or tried to fight them or didn't pay the money, and they were even bold enough to document in writing the threats to jail and kill me.

Some months after the fake trial under Bush's friend Judge Payne, Patricia Cornwell personally gave a $1 million bribe/gift to the Bush family, handing the money to President Bush's mother Barbara Bush, for one of her pet projects. By way of thanks for the big bribe, Patricia Cornwell and her lesbian lover of that moment were invited to frolic for a couple of days at the Bush estate at Kennebunkport, Maine. Bush put aside his usual anti-gay bigotry, in consideration of the large bribe.

I never could find a lawyer in America to confront the bribery and court fraud of Judge Payne, given his clear backing by the Bush government. So I had to escape the USA to avoid getting jailed and killed as the Cornwell thugs closed in on me. Judge Payne's friends were demanding their extortion money, and very angry that I had dared to ask around for a lawyer to help me.

From safe haven amid friends in Europe, I have made appeals and court filings which exposed the whole scandal. I managed to arrive in Europe with conclusive written proof of the felony crimes committed by the Cornwell gang and by Judge Payne and his criminal thugs. Judge Payne and his friends were very sloppy in their felonies, because they thought the ban on my freedom of speech would cover up for everything.

My legal filings, backed by devastating proof, were handed by the 4th Circuit to Judge J. Harvie Wilkinson III. And Judge Wilkinson, in his dual role as 4th Circuit Appeals Judge and member of the Supreme Court judicial ethics panel, has remained the key judge in the cover-up of Judge Payne's felony crimes with Patricia Cornwell.

Wilkinson has eagerly served President Bush's political goals, by keeping a lid on the Judge Payne - Patricia Cornwell scandal for the duration of Bush's closely-fought 2004 election campaign. Wilkinson helped Bush win the White House again, and Bush might now repay the favor by putting Wilkinson on the Supreme Court.

Given that the crimes of Judge Payne are so well proven, Judge Harvie Wilkinson III decided on total stonewalling and refusing to respond to my appeals, as his way of serving the George Bush family and Bush's friends who pay million dollar bribes.

What does seem to have happened, is that Wilkinson and the 4th Circuit appeals judges have had a little private "talk" with Judge Payne, directing him to not behave like such a blatant criminal lunatic in the future, though they agreed to a cover-up of all his past and current criminal offenses. And indeed, the crooked rogue Judge Payne, long prone to acting like a perverted Nazi bully on the bench, has begun to moderate his behavior as he contemplates a possible impeachment trial up ahead.

Interestingly, of the ten or so leading candidates for Bush's new Supreme Court pick, three of them are directly involved with the cover-up of Judge Payne's crimes. The leader of these is Judge Wilkinson; but one of Bush's other Supreme Court choices is yet another 4th Circuit appeals judge, J. Michael Luttig of Alexandria, also responsible for reviewing and covering up for Payne's crimes, and also ignoring appeals from Payne's many victims.

And yet another leading Supreme Court candidate is Bush pal and U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, who has followed John Ashcroft in supervising the FBI stonewalling on the prosecution of these crimes that involve Bush's friends, Patricia Cornwell and Judge Payne. Gonzales, of course, is another total Bush loyalist, partner in Bush's many executions in Texas, and likewise an advocate of torture and the denial of human rights.

As if they needed pressure from Ashcroft and Gonzales, the FBI itself was already inclined to cover up for Cornwell, given Cornwell's long history of buying and bribing FBI agents. Cornwell even had a highly public lesbian affair with a married FBI agent, not something the FBI wants to advertise again. Patricia Cornwell's friends at the FBI have attacked me in Europe, e-mailing me computer viruses to try to prevent me continuing my writings, and now this is another crime for Gonzales to hide.

In the months ahead, there will be more and more coming out about Patricia Cornwell and Judge Payne and their crimes, and about the cover-up and stonewalling managed by Judge J. Harvie Wilkinson III. From the point of view of pure politics and getting himself on the Supreme Court, in the current environment of Bush-era corruption, Wilkinson may have made the most self-advancing decision, in his stonewalling on Judge Payne, and on Payne's bribery and fraud crimes with Bush's friend Patricia Cornwell. How interesting that it may be Wilkinson's decision to join a cover-up of bribery and court fraud, that may help him make it to the very top of power in America.

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