The murder of US journalist David Rosenbaum,
as he investigated corrupt US judges -
If a poor black man really killed Rosenbaum,
Why did Google Inc. and other criminals like lawyer Joan Lukey
Work to hide websites about his murder?

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Brave dissident Jews sometimes die a bloody death. One of those brave murdered Jews was David Rosenbaum, who communicated with me just before he died, about the bribery of US Judge Robert Payne.

One of the great tragedies of a situation like mine, is that people who try and help me - or even think about helping me - risk their lives to do so. David Rosenbaum, retired New York Times journalist, may have been murdered trying to help me, and this remains a subject painful and traumatic for me and terrifying to others.

As with many political assassinations in the America, right upon Rosenbaum's murder, convenient 'murder suspects' were immediately located. Two poor black males, black men being the core 'just us' of the American 'justice' system, were immediately grabbed, two men who admitted robbers and thieves, who may have been handed Rosenbaum's credit cards. Likely wanted for other crimes, and being threatened in various ways (typical USA), one of the black men was offered 'deals' if he named the other black man as the murderer of Rosenbaum.

The deals went down, but not very well for either of the black men. The US courts and big media certify everything is handled and 'solved', with one poor black man having been so handily manipulated into accusing another poor black man to save his own skin.

Hoaxes fill the internet about anything and anyone dealing with crimes committed in connection with the bribery of US federal judges, so one may well doubt the 'Rosenbaum was killed by some street black guys' story.

Like the hoaxes spread about Dr Les (Leslie - Leszek) Sachs, by the psychopath fascist writer Patricia Cornwell, her bribery partners Joan Lukey of the Ropes & Gray law firm, Marjorie Scardino and Pearson plc, and bribery-involved media people like the criminally perverted lawyer at the UK Guardian, Gillian Phillips, or the sadistic David Mehegan of the Boston Globe - New York Times, who doesn't deny taking Joan Lukey bribery money.

Patsy Cornwell's bribery of the Bush and Clinton families, US senators, and US federal judges, then becomes her privilege to control internet content, via censoring search results by the CIA's Google Inc., and the Cornwell - Pearson team of criminal cyber-stalkers planting false information on the CIA's Wikipedia with 24-hour-monitoring to ensure lies and hoaxes on Wikipedia stay put there.

Like for example, the whopping Wikipedia hoax claiming a 'Sticker on Leslie Sachs' book about plagiarism accusations', a hoax which the criminals on Wikipedia keep spreading even though the proofs this is a total lie, were online years ago. Cornwell herself speaks about how this is a hoax, "bullsh-t" to make me seem like a "trivial, deranged, worthless Jew f-cker", and Patricia Cornwell is laughingly delighted she can spread this hoax on Wikipedia and have the world believe it.

The book sticker - official courthouse copy online - was actually a direct quotation of Cornwell's extortion letter she faxed me, as Patricia Cornwell took Nazi pleasure in threatening the book-burning of a Jew's books. Cornwell's extortion letter is also online, as is a Virginia USA court transcript, where lawyers working for Patricia Cornwell and Pearson plc talk about murdering me right on the court record.

A big whopping total lie about the neo-Nazi crimes and threats to murder me, yet spread all over the internet, because big bribery money is paid to US judges, the Wikipedia cyber stalkers, UK Guardian staff, New York Times employees, and the rest.

David Rosenbaum responded to communications I had sent to him and other New York Times reporters. As he retired from the NYT, one of Rosenbaum's interests was the corruption of US federal judges, which he was blocked from covering as an NYT reporter. Rosenbaum was struck by my clear proofs of the court fraud, perjury, threats of murder in the case of the Patricia Cornwell and Pearson plc crimes with 'Judge Robert Payne is my name, Federal bribery is my game.'

Another Jew inside the USA, is dying right now, after trying to organise other Jews to support me in my battle to stay alive here in Europe ... He was trying to inform other Jews of the neo-Nazi menaces exhibited by Google Inc. and the other partners of Patricia Cornwell. This is another story for another time.

This is a known phenomenon in Jewry, wisdom and bravery increasing with age. Senior citizen Jews, having lived as loyal 'members of the system' for much of their lives, sometimes begin to act with great radical courage in their senior years, their 60s and older ... and they often suffer terribly for doing so.

Like the courageous Jewish attorney Richard Fine in Los Angeles, in his 60s and finally daring to speak out agains the corrupt US judges ... and immediately jailed for doing so.

And David Rosenbaum, who died at age 63 ... perhaps precisely because he was going to cover my story.

In his final piece for the New York Times, Rosenbaum gently and rather timidly criticised the corruption of a Supreme Court nominee, hinting at things he would do in the future ... and a few weeks later, he was dead, not even allowed to finish enjoying a few weeks of peace before resuming his journalism and doing what would have likely been the greatest journalism of his career.

When she gets drunk and on drugs, Patsy Cornwell hints to her mates that she has actually taken part in murdering people.

When Cornwell and I were neighbours in Richmond, Virginia, USA, one night I was outside a prison protesting the death penalty with other activists ... the neo-Nazi pervert Cornwell, was waiting, knife in hand, with other government officials, to cut up the man's body after the US government intentionally electrocuted the man to death.

But now Cornwell is 'opposed' to the death penalty ... perhaps because she has murdered other people who tried to write the truth about her, people who were not able to escape her government-supported criminal schemes, like I did, escaping alive to Europe.

With the murder of David Rosenbaum after he began to ask questions about Patricia Cornwell, and despite the arrest and 'conviction' of the poor black man murderer, Patricia Cornwell, her neo-Nazi lawyers Joan Lukey and Jimmy Morris, and their corrupted US Federal Judge Norman Moon,  all involved themselves in the murder of Rosenbaum, imposing their fraudulent and illegal 'court orders' upon Google and the US-based search engines, to block information about Rosenbaum's murder from the internet.

It is a Hitleresque pleasure for all of these anti-Semites and neo-Nazis to join in defiling the spilled blood of a murdered Jew. It's like that too for lawyer Gillian Phillips, the UK Guardian lawyer, for her just like Cornwell, just a great pleasure to be involved in attacking a Jew with threats of murder.

Below is the original article I wrote about the Rosenbaum murder in January 2006, right after he was killed. - That was a traumatic time for me, and I feared to directly discuss how Rosenbaum was murdered perhaps because of trying to help me.

Europeans including lawyers, were frightened of the US government machine, of the threats to murder me, and the US criminals ability to slander me 'all over the internet' like I was being slandered via Wikipedia and Google. Dutch lawyers were telling me directly that they didn't want to wind up dead like I would likely wind up dead.

A few brave people in Europe - ultimately including members of the House of the King of the Belgians, Albert II - have helped to keep me alive here.

But when I wrote this, it was my fear that if I spoke too directly about how David Rosenbaum was perhaps directly murdered courtesy of Patricia Cornwell and the US government - Patsy Cornwell having long claimed the privilege of being able to murder anyone and getting away with it - I feared that if I spoke of that, I might even more endanger my own life, given how many Europeans were already afraid to assist a victim of US government murderers. My odds of surviving might be greatly diminished.

These words I wrote below - were blocked from Google Inc. search results for several years, as part of Google Inc.'s trading of favours with the bribed judges of the United States, one of those favours being full support for the perjury, bribery, extortion, court fraud, and threats of murder crimes of Patricia Cornwell. Though as Google Inc. grows nervous about getting fined by the EU for participating in actual murders, it seems they are occasionally allowing this page to show in searches.

This article was originally published in 2006 on my 'Banned in America' blog, quite popular before Google Inc closed it down to help the US regime to set up my assassination, and to silence all my journalism that had been helping many thousands of people. The lack of access to my journalism has contributed to massive fraud worth billions, the illegal imprisonment of the innocent, and other murders since that of Rosenbaum.

Here is my piece on brave murdered Jewish journalist David Rosenbaum, as it appeared when it was originally published.

Banned in America -
Dr Les Sachs is a gentle and peaceful writer whose freedom of speech has been illegally banned by the USA government, after he dared to criticize a wealthy friend of the President George Bush family. Dr Sachs is an expert critic of USA corruption. This is his weblog of occasional published articles, by someone truly "Banned in America".

Tuesday 17 January 2006 6:11pm

US Journalist Murdered after Writing Article on US-Bush Supreme Court Nominee Judge Alito

New York Times writer and journalist David E. Rosenbaum was just murdered, a mere matter of days after writing a critical article about US President Bush's Supreme Court nominee Judge Samuel A. Alito, Jr. The article by Rosenbaum helped expose how Alito was long ago an advocate of unrestrained government power.

Web writer Kurt Nimmo wrote an article questioning Rosenbaum's death, and then Kurt Nimmo suddenly terminated his own long-standing website due to death threats. Mr Nimmo seems to have put his web archives back up for a short time, but in any case the Nimmo article does appear on the Jeff Rense website:

Was NYT's David Rosenbaum Assassinated?

The brutal murder of journalist Rosenbaum, needs to be considered in the light of other mysterious violent deaths, such as that of journalist Gary Webb, and that of other people who wound up dead after daring to oppose the Bush gang or the US government and its corruption.

The criminal influence of US judges is indeed the most forbidden and taboo topic in US media.

The murder of journalist Rosenbaum, directly after he wrote a critical article about the Bush regime and a federal judge, is also relevant to the US death threats against myself, in revenge for my exposing other scandals involving the Bushes and federal judges.

David Rosenbaum was murdered after criticising Bush's US Supreme Court nominee Alito. In my own journalism, I have criticised Bush's Supreme Court candidate J. Harvie Wilkinson III, who was interviewed by President Bush, and then dropped (after publication of my article) in favor of candidate and now Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts.

Judge Harvie Wilkinson was involved in the cover-up of bribery, fraud and extortion involving 4th circuit federal Judge Robert Payne, in a scheme to benefit the flow of bribery and campaign cash to the George Bush family. Payne ("Judge Robert Payne is my name, Federal bribery is my game"), himself a nominee of the first President Bush, staged a fake legal proceeding to ban my freedom of speech, with Payne's own friends posing as my lawyers. Judge Payne, his thugs and Bush's friends, backed their scheme with threats of jail and murder that were made under the cover of Payne's order banning my freedom of speech, which all forced me to take political refuge in the Netherlands.

For more information on this other scandal with Bush and the federal judges (also involving the neo-fascist celebrity author Patricia Cornwell, a longtime friend of the Bushes), see the links on the sidebar.

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